Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Social Media Marketing

Do you create content for social media campaigns?

Yes. However, the client will need to provide graphic assets (logo or icons), as well as high-resolution images. If the client does not have a logo or images, DNB Digital can provides design and photography services, at an additional cost.

Do I maintain ownership of the social media account(s)?

Yes. DNB Digital will be added as an administrator on the account(s), but ownership always remains with the client.

Do you setup conversion tracking for campaigns?

Yes. All social media campaigns will have conversion tracking, based on the goals of the campaign. Campaign goals are always discussed and agreed upon before a campaign commences.

Is there a minimum spend requirement per campaign?

No minimums are required; however, your budget will have an effect on reach and frequency. Campaign budgets can be set at a daily or total campaign level.

Are reports provided for my campaign?

Yes. Monthly reports will be provided for campaigns. If special reporting is required, additional costs may be incurred.

Google Ads & PPC

What campaign types do you manage with Google Ads?

DNB Digital can manage search, display, shopping, and remarketing ads. Please contact us for more specific campaign requests.

I don't have an ecommerce site, can I still run Google Shopping campaigns?

No. In order to run a Google Shopping campaign, your website will require an eCommerce platform. DNB Digital can develop an online store, should your business require one.

I don't have a large budget, can I still run a Google Ads campaign?

Absolutely! Google Ads allows for campaigns and budgets of all sizes. Properly optimized campaigns with a small budget can successfully drive conversions.

I don't have great images to use for my display campaigns, can you help?

Yes. DNB Digital provides photography services for products, locations/landscapes, and portraits at an additional cost. Discounts may be provided for bundling services.

Do you provide regular reports for my Google Ads campaigns?

Yes. Your campaign will be monitored and optimized regularly; with reports being submitted on a monthly basis. More frequent reporting can be provided, if necessary.

Do I maintain ownership of my Google Ads account?

Yes. The client will always maintain ownership of their Google Ads account. DNB Digital will have access through a Google Manager account.

Do you have any Google Certifications?

DNB Digital is Google Ads Search and Display Certified, and currently working toward Google Partner status; as well as further certifications.

Websites & eCommerce

Do you build ecommerce sites?

Yes, DNB Digital can build ecommerce ready sites, complete with payment options and shipping integration.

How long will it take to develop my website?

The length of the project will be determined by the scope of the project (i.e. number of pages, required design work, photography, content creation, eCommerce integration, etc.). DNB Digital and the client will discuss and agree upon a timeline for each specific project.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Absolutely! The majority of online users are now accessing websites via mobile, making a responsive site crucial to the user experience, and overall success of your site. DNB Digital will ensure that your site works seamlessly on mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. All projects will require a 50% deposit before work can commence on the site.

Do you offer Search Engine Optimization services?

Yes. DNB Digital will complete the initial optimization of your site for an additional fee. We also offer Search Engine Optimization as a standalone service, should a client's existing website require an audit.

Can I make regular changes to my website?

Yes. Changes can be made to your website at any time.

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance?

DNB Digital will provide ongoing support, maintenance, and search optimization for a fee. We offer a low monthly payment option that provides unlimited changes and support.

Graphic Design

Does DNB Digital offer graphic design services?

Yes. DNB Digital can offer design services for business cards, brochures, posters, business plans, logos, and more.

Can DNB Digital source promotional products?

Yes. We can source promotional products and clothing upon request. Minimums will be required for most items, taxes and shipping are not included.

Photography & Content

What type of photography services do you offer?

DNB Digital focuses on portrait, product, landscape and location photography; as well as photo editing (improving color and contrast, removing imperfections, etc.). Please contact us for other photography services not mentioned here.

Do I receive copies of all the photos?

Clients will be provided with copies of all the photos taken, including the raw files. DNB Digital will request that a photo release be signed though, and reserves the right to use the photos in their portfolio.

Do you do family portraits?

DNB Digital can do family portraits upon request, although it is not one of our main focuses.